Point-to-Point link with cellular modems on both sides MAX 700

I am planning to purchase and setup a point to point high speed bonded link between my central storage server and my disaster recovery sever. I wish to use two Pepwave MAX 700 units, one at each end. Each MAX 700 will connect through 4 x 3G USB modems. No cable, DSL or other form of internet connections are available at either location. All eight 3G connections use dynamic IP.

  1. Will I be able to achieve my goal with this setup - 2 x Pepwave MAX 700 with 4 x Cellular modems each. All on dynamic IP?
  2. How do I go about setting this up?
  3. Can I also give load balanced internet access to users on both ends parallel to my disaster recovery setup? (My DR servers sync at night only. Internet access is required only during daytime)

The MAX 700 will work fine with good 3G connections. You can always setup Dynamic DNS if your 3G connections are having dynamic public IP.

There will be no issue to have the SpeedFusion VPN connection between 2 sites while load balancing the local internet traffic.

Once you registered your product to our Partner Pavilion page, you will be able to download the user manual for more detailed configuration guide.

You may also refer to this configuration scenario for reference.

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I have a somewhat similar requirement. Just to explain you the scenario…

At present we have a axis p7214 encoder with a static ip assigned to it. We pull videos from it by accessing it through the static ip.

However, in the NEW plan moving forward we want to make this axis 7214 encoder mobile and want to transfer video using 3g usb data cards which gives a dynamic ip each time you connect. Is it somehow possible that the Axis encoder is accessed through 3G USB datacards using Max 700 or some other product? Please keep in mind we need a static IP to access Axis Encoder.

Our Ideal plan is to have 10 Axis Encoders which are mobile and are connected to our central location via 3G connectivity and videos are pulled from these encoders.

Please suggest a suitable solution for this scenario. Also let me know if you need any further clarifications regarding our requirements.

Kind Regards


Rafat, this all depends on if the 3G provider assigns a dynamic public IP or a dynamic private IP. If it is a dynamic public IP, then you could use a Dynamic DNS service to access the encoders.

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Hi, I am setting up SpeedFusion to connect 2 offices. As a starting point to test this:
I have 1 3G modem connected to a Balance 380 with Dynamic DNS setup and the public IP responds to Ping.
I have 1 3G modem connected to a MAX_OTG_U4_SF with Dynamic DNS setup and the public IP responds to Ping.
For testing I have one PC connected to each device directly and have assigned a fixed IP.
Windows Firewall is temporarily switched off on the individual PCs at both ends.
I have SpeedFusion setup on both devices and the Dashboard shows SpeedFusion ‘Established’ on both devices.
I tried PepVPN Test for TCP/UDP Upload/Downlaod from both devices and they respond properly with almost always ‘0’ retransmissions.

Now what do I have to do to see one offices PC and its Folder Shares from the other office PC and vice-versa?

As long as the remote PC’s and their folders have been shared, nothing else is needed. You should be able to access them now.

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Please note: The SpeedFusion is not setup as Layer 2. Should my PCs and share folders still appear in the Network Window?

When I setup as Layer 2 the SpeedFusion connection on the Balance says Established but on the MAX_OTG it does not connect. My shared PCs appear and disappear constantly.

Without Layer 2 the connection is unbreakable. Is there a way to share folders under this connection?

For your case you do not need Layer 2 SpeedFusion and you should just use regular Layer 3. If the PC’s and folders have been shared you should be able to access them.

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Hi, I have buy 2 unit Pepwave MAX 700 which i will use to connect 2 location.
How do I connect 2 Pepwave MAX 700 with 2 USB 3G modem in each Pepwave MAX 700 ?

Is there any step by step tutorial to connect 2 Pepwave MAX 700 ?
There’s no quite detail of how to connect 2 Pepwave MAX 700 on the user manual.



Hi Renaldi,
From you description above, I presume each site is installed with 2 x USB 3G modems on the MAX 700 (total 4 x 3G modems in both sites), and you want to establish SpeedFusion VPN using 3G bonding between 2 MAX 700. Is my understanding correct?

If so then what you need to do would be:

  1. Set up the Cellular WAN interfaces respectively, make sure all these WAN links able to connect to Internet
  2. Create SpeedFusion VPN on both MAX 700, with 3G bonding to aggregate 2 x 3G links per site
  3. Done, the SpeedFusion VPN should be up and running

For detail understanding of SpeedFusion VPN, you may refer to Peplink | Pepwave - Forum.

For steps-by-steps configuration of SpeedFusion Bonded VPN, you may refer to Peplink | Pepwave - Forum.

Do take note the configuration steps on SpeedFusion VPN are similar on our Balance and MAX series.

Hope this helps.


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Hi WeiMing, thanks for the reply.

Correct, i want to connect 2 sites with MAX 700 on each sites (total 4 x USB 3G Modems on both sites).

I forget to explain that all 3G modems are dynamic IP, so should I set dynamic DNS on each 3G USB modems (4 x USB WAN connection) ? If yes, can I use 1 dynamic DNS account for all connection or I have to create 1 dynamic DNS account for each connection ?


Hi Renaldi,
Yes, you should set the dynamic DNS on the USB 3G WAN interface(s). The requirement for SpeedFusion VPN can be found here, Peplink | Pepwave - Forum.

Or you can find more information on dynamic DNS setting on MAX in the user manual frimware 6.0, section 8.1.4 Dynamic DNS Settings.

In short, at least one of your MAX 700 - USB 3G WAN interface registered with dynamic DNS, your SpeedFusion VPN tunnel should able to establish successfully.


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Hi Tim,

Thanks for your help. I am now able to access my remote folders. Though the remote PCs don’t show up under Windows Network, I’m able to include them as mapped network drives. Is there any settings available to make my remote clients show up under Windows Network like it shows a list of my local clients?

If I replace my Balance 380 such that both offices use a MAX_OTG_U4_SF with up to 4 x 3G connections each, can similar SpeedFusion setup be established between the 2 offices? I understand that Remote WAN Connection mapping is not available on the MAX_OTG_U4_SF. As I am using a single ISP for all my WAN connections, this should not be an issue.

Hi WeiMing,

On step 2 :

  1. Create SpeedFusion VPN on both MAX 700, with 3G bonding to aggregate 2 x 3G links per site

And I have read Peplink | Pepwave - Forum
It said that have to purchased a Activation License of SpeedFusion VPN Bonding.

So it means that I have to purchase Activation License for each Pepwave MAX 700 in order to connect the 2 sites using SpeedFusion VPN ?


Hi sudasrilanka,

NetBios information does not travel across a Layer 3 VPN, so you did the correct thing by mapping the network drives. You can also access the shares directly by \ip.add.ress

Currently, the MAX_OTG_U4_SF is supported as a VPN endpoint device, but in a future firmware release you will be able to terminate a SpeedFusion VPN tunnel between two of these.

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Hi renaldi,

SpeedFusion is already a standard feature on the MAX 700, no activation license is needed. These licenses are designed for the smaller MAX On-The-Go units that don’t have SpeedFusion enabled.

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Hi Renaldi,
One thing to take note for your setup, of all the 3G connections you have, at least one of its must have a Public IP (be it dynamic or static). As I know nowadays many cellular services are assigning Private IP to the 3G connection, if you need to request the APN from the cellular provider that will assign Public IP when it is connection.

Hope this helps, and do let me know if need clarification.


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