PoE up, LAN down, client devices confused


Question about best practises when using a Balance One Core to manage a small network of four AP One Rugged in one of our warehouses. Recently, an employee accidentally damaged the physical port one AP was plugged in to. PoE was still available for the AP One, but there was no LAN available for it. Because this AP had been managed in the past, it was broadcasting the two SSIDs as it should, but there was no connectivity behind what was being broadcast.

This caused an issue because whenever an employee would enter an area which was best served by the AP with power, but no networking, their iPad would connect to a network with no connectivity.

The temporary workaround before I replaced the wall jack was to simply unplug the AP to power it off. The area it served had a weaker signal, but warehouse employees had 100% coverage again.

Is there a way to configure access points to properly drop offline in case of LAN failure instead of broadcasting a WiFi signal with no connectivity to back it up? Client devices would correctly work on other nearby access points which were properly online.


Hello thebigbeav,

Our APs do not have support for this type of feature. You can put in a feature request in the feature request section of the forum for our engineers to look at.

It looks like this has been asked to our engineers, so we should have an answer for you within the next day or two.



It looks like I missed this, it currently is a feature that we support in 3.6.0 firmware.


Thanks! Never considered looking at the actual APs. I was looking at the settings on the AP controller. Good think my network is small…



This is a nice feature – one that we also have missed as we manage all APs via the Balances to which they are connected – which is the whole point of having a controller, of course. What’s the chance of making this feature available via a page on the Balance??


Hello Rick-DC,

I’m reaching out to the engineers and will provide an update. I’ll provide an update once I hear back from them.



Hello @thebigbeav,
You can also do this from the dashboard of the device from within InControl2 if you have InControl2 setup:
image or image
The control “On/Off” is located next to the devices description. This only turns off the transmitter of the radio device, PoE is not affected by this.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Thank you for than answer @mldowling , though I think that @thebigbeav is looking for something that automatically will shut off the AP’s radio if no LAN connection is available.


Exactly. If LAN isn’t available, presumably IC2 communication is lost as well. @mldowling 's solution likely would not work in a (partial) infrastructure failure situation like I had.


Adding the ability to push the Unreachable Action via an AP Controller has been added to the road map. We do not have an ETA on the feature.