PoE question regarding BR1 Mini

What is the PoE pinout for the PoE in for the BR1 Max Mini? Is it the relatively standard mode B: (4,5 V+; 7,8 V-) for passive PoE pinout, or is it something more uncommon, like mode A: (1,2 V-, 3,6 V+), or even something more exotic? I’m asking because I have a customer that wants to use the router, but requires that it be installed in an area that doesn’t have available AC power, and will be further than the max 50 foot cable length range of the ACW-102 (the run will be closer to 200-250 feet), so I would be using a 802.3af/at to passive 18/24V PoE injector converter such as the Tycon one (https://www.tycononline.com/8023afat-PoE-in-GigE-1824V-Pasv-PoE_p_29.html) to make the conversion. In doing my research, according to the datasheet for the mini, the PoE in is 12-28V compatible, so as long as the datasheet is accurate, I should be safe there.

Honestly, I wish that they would have just made it properly 802.3af/at compatible. Perhaps have had it detect if there’s a “hard voltage” and have a relay to bypass the af/at chip if it detects it to protect it/prevent damage? I’m probably way overthinking it, but it’s nice to dream, ha ha.

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