Please update the list the 4G modem support list

Ok, we have a Balance One Core… and looking to buy a 4G modem to supplement our system. However… when I go to your modem support site, it seems very outdated ( I am looking for the latest model (2016) on and can’t see those modems being listed. But when I go to the forum to search, then it seems that there are some other models supported, but not listed… it is a bit frustrating to know what to buy now!

Question to Peplink: can anyone update this modem support list please?
Example of supported modem but not on the list (yet?): LTE-A Netgear AC790S
Yes we can ask you to check, but some users do report it takes a long time! See here Huawei E5786

If not support yet, or under development that would be a great addition to the list!



Thanks for your feedback. We will review our internal workflow to make sure the list is updated timely.

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Hi @Keith,

Thanks…much appreciated if updated!

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For completeness sake, extra Huawei modems here:

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