Please help with PPTP VPN


We just purchased and received our Peplink 580 and we’re interested in setting up the PPTP VPN. We’ve followed the KB articles below but we’re still not able to access the network via the Interface IP of the ISP attached to our WAN1 connection. The ISP connected to WAN1 is Comcast Business that’s assigned a static IP. We’re also planning on hooking up our other ISP (AboveNet fiber which is now Zayo) to the WAN as well once we’ve figured out the PPTP VPN. Ultimately, we plan on having Zayo on WAN1 and Comcast on WAN2.

Is there any additional configuration that’s required on the modem side of our Comcast ISP? What about LAN or NAT on the Peplink? A PPTP server was set up according to the example in the KB article and is set to All other settings are set to their defaults.

Thanks in advance!

Nevermind, I managed to figure it out shortly after posting this. :slight_smile:

Was it the firewall rules or something else? Please share with us - other users setting up their Peplink PPTP server for the first time might come across the same thing you just overcame :slight_smile:

It was a delirious me trying to access VPN through the browser instead of setting up an actual VPN connection. :slight_smile:

No problem then :stuck_out_tongue: