Please help I cannot assign on my balance 1350 a designated port vlan i want to assign port 2 and other Lan ports as my VLAN

Please release a new firmware that assigns vlan port on Lan ports of higher models of peplink please because its really hard to do vlan without specific Ports to assigned:(
other thing i configured Vlan on my balance 1350 then i created vlan 2 with a network of but i dont know how will it go through the Lan 2 port of my router i assigned vlan 2 but i want it to pass it through Lan port 2 only :frowning: and other thing i created vlan on cisco switch but the problem it cant pass through the peplink that i created vlan 2 which is i dont know im confused can somebody help me please newbie in peplink here:(


Please see this thread for reference.

Thank you,
The Peplink Team

Alhamdullillah this was address on The latest version firmware 7, more thanks to peplink engineers :slight_smile: