Please add more info to the SSID settings window

Balance 20x running fw 8.1.1: AP tab → Wireless SSID → click on an SSID

There is no information in this window on the radio frequency band the SSID is assigned to, if any. I realize that this is not the place to change frequency bands, but it would be helpful if the frequency band was displayed here. This is especially helpful since there is no enable/disable option for SSIDs and the only way to disable one is not assign it to a frequency band.

Another aspect of an SSID is also missing here: whether it is being used as a model/skeleton for another SSID that is assigned to SFC.

You may find the info of WIFI channel here.

Understood. My point was that it would be nice to also show (read-only) the WiFi frequency band(s) used by an SSID along with the other attributes of an SSID all on the same screen.

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