Pepwawe APs Offline in InControl2

We’ve been using Incontrol2 to manage our Peplink devices for some time now. But few days ago, all my pepwave AP One devices located in one of our new branch office has lost connection with IC2 while the actual device is up and running physically. We’ve not done any change on any network settings or devices before this. But the Peplink Balance 305 device - working as the router/firewall device, which is connected to the same network is still accessible in IC2 without any issue. Appreciate if anyone can help me with this regard. We are planning to go live in few more days. Thanks in advance.



I would ensure the following.

  1. AP’s are under warranty or have IC2 Subscription applied if out of warranty.
  2. If there is a Firewall, add rules for * on UDP port 5246 and TCP port 443.
  3. IC2 uses and Ensure that you can ping at least one of these through the Balance WAN interface (or through AP ping tool).