Pepwave to bridge LAN to Openvpn Client


I have the following setup.
[Host] → [Pepwave BR1 Pro with OpenVpn Client] → [ OpenVpn-AS in AWS Cloud ]

I am able to establish the connection between the host and Openvpn-As via TUN (layer 3).

My issue arises when running my app ( which is using multicast ). From the wire-shark on the host, I noticed that the info is send to destination and but I am not sure whether pepwave is able to handle multicast without using its pepVpn.

My question is whether if I establish the connection using Openvpn TAP, would I able to bridge the LAN to the Openvpn TAP?

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So far as I know the only way to do is via pepvpn/speedfusion for layer2

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Thank you Jonathan_Pitts for the response. Have a nice day.