Pepwave Surf Router - Anyone using Voip through this router

I am looking at purchasing some Pepware SOHO routers for my work from home employees.

They would need to use Voip. Does Voip work with the PEPWAVE SOHO routers?

Note: I have Balance 20s at several locations and I have been unable to get the Balance 20s to allow a Voip audio connection (back to our ADTRAN). If I pull out the Balance 20s and use the cable modem/router the Voip does work.

Thank you for your replies.


The Balance 20’s have been deployed in many VOIP environments as a solution and have performed very well. SOHO routers do support VOIP as well. If you could provide more information regarding the issue with VOIP from a B20 to the Adtran via a support ticket we will help to troubleshoot the issue.

I did a manual update to the firmware on the Balance 20, and now the Voip works. Guess I should have tried that earlier.

we do a lot.

Using Asterisk in the DATA center crossing NAT in the branch offices no issues.