Pepwave Surf On-the-Go to Balance 20 via PEPVPN

Have set up a PEPVPN on both devices.

Status on the Balance 20 remains at ‘Creating Tunnel…’ under status for that connection.
PepWave Surf On-the-Go PEPvpn status stays at ‘Connecting’.

Log is empty.
Balance 20 Firmware 6.1.0 build 2517 Pepvpn version 3.0.0
Surf On-the-Go firmware version 1.0.22 (build:1183)
How do I troubleshoot?

Thank you for your call. The FW settings seem to be blocking the connection as my colleague Jason mentioned. If you still have any issues, please let us know.

I am having a similar problem. Actually, I think mine is worse. :slight_smile:

Of course, my devices are a bit more modern than when this thread was created.

My Balance 20 is running 6.1.2 build 2717 and my Surf On-the-Go is running 1.0.26 build 1256.

The Balance 20’s Dashboard just says “Starting…” forever. The Surf On-the-Go just says “Connecting” forever with no logging.

I am pretty sure there are no port blockage issues because I’ve probed the Balance 20 with telnet.

It’s a little disquieting that the manual mentions nothing about VPN and InControl2 tells me my serial number isn’t valid.

I feel like I’m missing something fundamental.


  1. Please ensure you have static public IP at either site. If you have dynamic public IP, DDNS is needed.

  2. Please ensure TCP 32015 and UDP 4500 are not block within these 2 location.

I’m pretty sure TCP 32015 is open because as I said I probed with telnet.

I’m not sure how to test whether UDP 4500 is open.

By this I mean I want to prove it one way or the other rather than trust the word of either ISP.

I have Mac OS and iOS devices at my disposal.

Any ideas?

We can take a closer look if you could provide us with both SN’s of the devices and enable remote assistance on them.
Send information to [email protected] and a technical team member will troubleshoot further.

To enable remote assistance:

Also, InControl2 does not support SOTG (this is why it is showing as invalid) you may use for that device (separate platform from IC2).