Pepwave Surf on the go Bridge mode traffic question

Does bridge mode allow 100% of all traffic through or is anything being blocked? I tried to use bridge mode to connect a non-wifi TIVO device to an existing WiFi network to be remote controlled over the network. It didn’t work. When the TIVO is connected wired directly to the same network, it can be remote controlled by the WiFi remote app. When the TIVO goes through the Pepwave Surf OTG bridge, it stops working. I suspect something about the Pepwave not allowing some traffic data, or something about wifi-to-wifi network not working with some devices.

Can you provide the graphical network diagram to show the physical connectivity between the TIVO device, Surf OTG, and Mobile device with TIVO apps with condition below?

  • When Mobile device with TIVO apps managed to control TIVO device
  • When Mobile device with TIVO apps failed to control TIVO device