Pepwave Surf on the Go and wireless printing

I had a Surf 200 AP since 2010. I recently purchased a Canon Pixma MG6620 wireless printer so I could use my Windows laptop, my wife’s netbook, and my Iphone to print things wirelessly to alleviate swapping cables. Canon says they all need to be on the same Access Point for this to work.

First, the printer would connect to the Surf 200 AP, but would never ‘talk’ to it. It was never recognized. It showed up with the wrong PORT. After repeated talks with Canon Support Techs, they finally said to talk to Pepwave support. After a couple of hours of work with Peplink, the Surf died. It may have been having problems before this, but nothing that stopped me from using it as a repeater.

My question is: If I replace the Surf 200 with a Pepwave Surf on the Go, will I be able to use it as a wifi repeater and have the printer, laptop, netbook, and Iphone all be able to communicate through it while connected via wifi hotspots such as at an RV park. I do not want to change modes in order to print.

I thought both units were designed to do what I want, but I am no longer sure of that and do not want to buy another unit if it will not provide what I need. Thanks for any assistance you can provide.


Your requirement can meet by using Surf On-The-Go. Below is the connection for your better understanding:-

Laptop, Printer )))Wifi))) SOTG )))Wifi WAN))) AP

Thanks for the quick reply. Just to be sure. That also includes the Iphone as well as the laptops being able to access the printer through the SOTG AP.

Thanks again, Joe

Hello Joe,

I can confirm that the Iphone wil connect to the wi-fi of the SOTG.

Thanks for your comment. I have ordered a new SOTG. I am looking forward to going wireless.