Pepwave SOTG Wired Connection Troubleshooter Needed


Longtime fan of the PepWave SOTG, first time posting… not sure I have all the words & references to functions & fields right, but here I go.

We work on the Internet for a living and live in a motorcoach. When we travel around, we need good, fast Internet. Because we move now and then, I have all my rig tech tied to the AP SSID of the Pepwave. When we pull into a place, I figure out how to get 1) a local camp wi-fi, or 2) a ATT / Verizon hotspot (have 1 of each), or 3) an Ethernet cable (one or the other) connected up and then everything usually just works - pretty awesome actually.

In this place (Mahwah, NJ) , we’ve signed up with a local ISP (Optimum) who just came out and ‘installed’ their service. I now have ARRIS cable model with a blazing fast 200MB capability I want to 1) connect into the PepWave SOTG and have the PepWave behave as an Access Point (AP).

I’ve done this before with no hassle, but alas… today - she gives me trouble.

Wiring from the pole to the cable modem looks good, cable modem to 1000GB switch looks good, the connection from the switch to the Pepwave looks good - except for the solid red ‘RDY’ light and the strength bars are flashing.

I can get to the Dashboard (from my cell via wifi) and look at / update settings. They all look right. Reboot (a couple times) and it still is red/flashy. I cannot access the Pepwave via the wired connection yet. Have before, but it’s not letting me now.

The manual is dated, I’m on the Version:1.1.1 build 1357, so I’m past being able to look it up & figure it out by myself.

What else can I share to help diagnose this?


Trying the re-set (vs. just rebooting… ) stay tuned. Not sure why it’s giving me grief - still…


Bueno news… reset worked. The SOTG is all green, the 200MB line is connected and all is right with the world - except…

When I perform a speed test, I get the hotspot speeds (10MB or so) vs. the Ethernet speeds (200MB speeds).

Will be setting to ‘Wired’ on the SOTG and testing again…


Set the connection to ‘Wired’… not sure whats happening here…

PWR is green, RDY is red, ENET is green - Strength lights are flashing.

Looking at the Dashboard screen shows ‘WIRED’ and then ‘Authenticating…’

My connection from the phone says ‘Internet may not be available’ - it isn’t…

Any ideas here guys?



Wired mode seems no bueno… or there is a setting I’m missing.

Click the ‘WIRED’ radio button / icon and the SOTG resets… in WIRED mode the same symptoms as before ( PWR is green, RDY is red , ENET is green - Strength lights are flashing).

Click back to ‘WIFI’ - system resets, all lights go green.

Unplug the hotspot… the SOTG stops broadcasting - does not seem to pick up the ENET connection.


Can I confirm this is your tested physical connectivity?

Wifi client )))))) SOTG —Wired—> Switch —Wired—> Cable modem —> Internet

If so, please provide screenshot of the Dashboard and Settings page.

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That looks right - I think of it the other direction, but yes that looks like the map.

The SOTG is set to WIFI and is being fed from an ATT Mobley device. If we want other setting and screenshots, please advise…


Settings (small letters) - let me know if there is a section you’re wanting to see better


TK - you there? Any ideas?


The provided screenshots are showing the SOTG is connected with Wifi WAN. I can’t get the required info from there.

Please provide a photo to show how the SOTG, switch, and cable modem are connected.

Please switch the WAN mode of SOTG on the Dashboard to Wired. Then provide the full screenshot of the Dashboard and Settings when the problem occurs.


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Took me a bit to collect the screenshot, it’s from my cell which ironically, is the only way I can connect to the device when it’s in Wired mode. When I do connect this way, the SOTG does not give Internet access

Pic of connections…


Capture of setting while in Wired mode