Pepwave SOTG and Linksys E1500 router

I’m struggling to get my SOTG to interface with a Linksys E1500 via the SOTG Ethernet connection. The SOTG ethernet port works with my security system but I need the E1500 for more ethernet connections. Can someone steer me in the right direction? My internet comes thru a hotspot. Is there a setup that I’ve missed or ?. Connecting the SOTG ethernet to the E1500 internet the SOTG doesnt see the E1500 at all.

Any helpful hints?

Thx, Duane

What is the IP address of the SOTG and what is the IP address of the E1500?

The SOTG is and the E1500 is

If you are plugging the SOTG in to the WAN/Internet port of the E1500, then it should be obtaining an IP address from the SOTG like or something.

Do you have DHCP enabled for the WAN/Internet port of the E1500?