Pepwave sorf on the go (sotg) support sprint zte pocket wi-fi over usb

how can i connect up the sprint zte pocket wi-fi via usb to the peplink to get ethernet connector from it?
the model # is MF975S
i see you support other ZTE modems over usb

how about this one?


Doesn’t look like we “officially” support this modem. However you can try to set the mifi to tethering mode and then connect via USB to the SOTG to see if it connects as the drivers needed may be similar to the other ZTE modems.

Otherwise if it does not connect, just following the instructions on the bottom of the 3G/4G compatibility page:

So far looks like it works without changes will post here if otherwise
but seemed like speed over usb sotg was half speed of ate built-in wifi


Possible to let us know how you perform the speed test ?

Beside that, can you share us the speed test results for the below:

  1. PC --Ethernet–> SOTG –> USB
  2. PC --WIFI –> SOTG –> USB

Thank You