Pepwave SOHO stops working

For some reason or another each and every day the router stops broadcasting internet. I thought it may have been my usb modem but it works fine. Can anyone help me? I have to restart the modem in order for it to work again. Sometimes it happens 4 to 5 times a day. Sometimes it doesn’t happen for 3 or 4 days in a row.


Hi James,

  1. How do you connect to Surf Soho? Using Wifi?

  2. Will you have the problem if connected to Surf Soho via cable?

  3. You able to ping to Surf Soho LAN IP when the problem occurred?

  4. Surf Soho able to access the internet when the problem occurred? You may test via System > Ping (ping to and

  5. What is the status of Mobile Internet when the problem occurred? You may check on Dashboard of Surf Soho.

I connect to the soho via USB cable to the att velocity with the velocity wifi off.

It is the same issue via lan cable during the time it fails. No internet.

I haven’t pinged the soho during the issue with above, however able to disconnect the att modem and connect to the att device and browse the net. I have to restart and reconnect the soho to work and sometimes it works the first reboot and sometimes it takes twice to work.

Mobile Internet card is good. I thought the same thing, so I was restarting both but come find out its just the soho, however I restart both anyways to ensure a good connection.


Hi James,

I need to help to narrow down the problem.

Question 1 - 3 above allow me to understand whether you able to connect to Surf Soho. Please do the test.

Question 4 - 5 above allow me to understand whether Surf Soho able to access the internet. Please do the test.

So questions above allow me to know which part is giving the problem when problem occur.

Thank you.


  1. I am connecting most of my devices except my laptop which I chosent to connect lan via WiFi.

  2. it failed twice againow today. I pinged with request timed out and with no response to the server.

  3. I rebooted soho and it started working again as normal. I simply unplugged the AT&T and was able to connect to that wifi just fine.

  4. it will not let me ping the surf soho individual ping. Request times out.

The soho seems to be failing. And in the events it says it fails on USB. However the modem is working fine.


Hi James,

I suggest open ticket for us to take a closer look. Do remember to enable Remote Assistance on Surf Soho when you open the ticket.