Pepwave rugged - coverage

hello - kinda new here to pepwave/peplink, so excuse my dumb question…

I have a 3000 sq/ft home, it’s 2 stories, 30’ x 50’ on the ground floor and same on the second floor.

I currently run two Apple Airport extremes, both on opposite ends of the house. Coverage seems very good, as I am trying to get wifi out on both decks.

in looking at the Rugged AP, do you think I could reduce down to one Rugged, centrally located and still have about the same coverage?

the Airports work well, however, they seem to be liberal in dropping down to the 2.4GHz band and would like something like the rugged to keep them at the 5ghz band for noise immunity and speed.

or, should i plump down and go with two ruggeds?

the key is to also be able to stream airplay outside on the decks.


On-site Wifi survey is needed for this requirement, I can’t tell the answer here. You may contact our local Peplink partner to help on this.

Thank you.

I figured I’d get an answer like that. I should have rephrased my question… Is there a comparison of the AP One Rugged vs an Airport Extreme 6th gen? I know the range of the airport quite well. Was curious if the AP One Rugged had stronger signal strength and antenna gain (i.e. coverage distance).

For now, I ordered two Ruggeds. Will try with one, if it works, I’ll send the second one back (not ideal to do this, but worth a try).


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You may find the signal coverage here.

Hope this help.