Pepwave MAX VPN


I have a small VPN established with one Balance 30 and three Balance 20 routers. I now have a MAX BR1 MK2 for temporary remote locations. I want to connect to the established VPN. I am not getting a connection. If VPN is possible let me know how to establish it. If it is not possible with the equipment I have what do I need to be able to establish a VPN connection to one of the Balance 20 routers?


Hard to tell you exactly what you need without knowing more about your network, but the factors to consider when building out a VPN infrastructure is VPN Peer count and VPN throughput capabilities of the devices in question alongside the available internet bandwidth at each location.

I would suggest you either speak with local Peplink partner for assistance or share more about your network so we can help here.

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I am using the MAX BR1 MK2 to provide public internet access for meeting attendees at FAA and DoD locations that do not offer non-agency internet access. I have a Balanced 20 at my home/office that has VoIP capability with a phone system that includes a Cisco VoIP Conference Phone. I want to use the conference phone at the Government sites but I need a VPN connection to the home/office VoIP system. The home/office Peplink has a VPN link to a Balanced 30 that has two other Balanced 20s with VPN connnections. I need to know that there is a way to create a VPN connection between the MAX and the home/office Balance 20 and how to establish the link.

Thank you


OK VoIP so unlikely any issues with VPN bandwidth.

The balance 20 at your home office by default supports 2 PepVPN peers. You are connected to one peer already (the B30) so you have a spare VPN Peer license that you can use there to connect to the new BR1.

Or since your B30 has three PepVPN peers (the three Balance 20’s) it must have the additional 5 peer license installed (PVN-LC-05) so you could connect the BR1 to there (using one of the two spare Peer licenses) and just treat it as another corporate office location.

Either will work.

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