Pepwave Max Transit Cat 18, FirstNet and HBOmax issues

So this is a very odd issue I’m having. I have a Pepwave Max Transit with cat 18 installed in my motorhome. I am a FirstNet subscriber paid line and have a FirstNet sim installed in my router. I do not use a VPN and have had no issues with connectivity, download speeds or IP address conflicts. 3 days ago I began having an issue with the HBOmax app and website, but only while connected to my router. I get the error on my iPhone 12 pro max and my dell, windows 10 laptop stating “Not in Service Area”. When accessing HBOmax on my PS5, I get the error stating “Check internet connection or try again”. All of my other streaming services work without issue. Have spoken with FirstNet tech support, a 5gStore tech agent and an HBOmax tech agent (I’d add the HBO tech is useless). FirstNet confirms no SIM or IP issues with great connectivity. Have rebooted my router multiple times, installed new firmware, attempted reboot with older firmware versions without success. The 5gStore tech could not pinpoint any setting out of place or rule that could cause this issue. It’s as if the HBOmax app and website see my IP address as being out of country/service area. Another weird part, if I use the wifi as wan, using my phone’s FirstNet connection, there is no issue. The issue seems to be only when using the cellular LTE connection on the router and ONLY with HBOmax. Every other streaming service has no issues.
So, does anyone have any suggestions or possibly point me in the right direction on how to fix this?

work your way up the chain with hbo team, they are likely blocking your ip pool. email their executive office or something.