Pepwave MAX startup time - pepVPN and WWAN


We’re experiencing some problems in our environment due to the startup time of the Peplink max transit duo, the one we use in our OB-backpacks. This leads us to the question about the possibilities of cutting corners regarding the startup time, is it possible to make the startup a bit quicker?

The problem occurs when our Teltonica router, connected as an extra lte link on the max´s wan port comes online. The Teltonica routers startup time is faster than the pepVPN initiation process, hence some problems for about 40 sec when our traffic doesn’t get routed the intended way.

When the tunnel comes online all is fine but those 40 sec is a lot of time in our world:)
We also noticed that it takes some time for the LTE-modem to get registered. This means that the Teltonica is initially our only carrier and makes this setup somewhat uncertain for the first minute or so, before the max´s LTE-modems register.

So, is it possible to tweak the startup time to make the max transit faster, maybe in a new FW release?


In real world the more feature you turn on the more times require for the device to complete initialized.

Can you provide more info for the issue below ? Suppose , if cellular WAN up again the connection should fall back right ?

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For the moment I cant provide more info regarding the issue in our environment.
Our problem is in the startup time of the pepVPN tunnel, thereof the question about the possibilities to streamline the max,s startup time, primary the VPN tunnel, secondary the wwan modules