Pepwave MAX HD4 LTEA External Antenna Use

All, I am currently working with a proof of concept project using a Pepwave MAX HD4 LTEA unit. We are trying to best determine the quantity of external antennas needed for this unit equipped with four Verizon SIM cards. The antenna model we are considering is the ANT-102-LTE2. I have been unable to track down any design guides, recommendations or spec sheets regarding this. Any suggestions, requirements, calculators, formulas, data and or helpful information will be greatly appreciated. I thank each of you in advance, please have a wonderful day.

Hi Welcome to the forum.
The ANT-102-LTE2 is a dual element mimo antenna. You will need one per modem on the HD4 (so 4 total). Remember you also have the wifi and gps radios that might need external antennas too depending on your application.

What’s the POC? Is it mobile or stationary?

Thanks for the welcome. The unit is stationary, rack-mounted in the MDF of a newly constructed distribution center. Due to a myriad of circumstances, to include extreme delays with primary and backup circuit installations. The initial use case to serve as a temporary backup circuit solution has now morphed into this unit serving as our only source of connectivity for a yet to be determined amount of time. The circuit will help facilitate two DMVPN connections on a dual Cisco router deployment.