PepWave Max HD4 - Cellular Disconncting + Content blocking LOGS

Good day,
I am facing some critical problems with our PepWave Max HD4,

If I have WAN1 as priority 1(Active), Cellular as priority 2(Standby),
Will the Cellular connection be powered off/disconnected? (It says “No Device Detected”)
The only way I can have the Cellular connection active again is to reboot the router.
I have tried to reload the Cellular slot, I have also tried to take out the SIM card wait for 30sec and plug it back in. No change.

I’m pleased to see the “Content Blcking” are available in the new firmware (6.3.0 build 2189), the only thing i’m missing is to be able to see in some LOGS what are/have been blocked.

I’m not sure if anybody has created a ticket regarding the same issues, but we have the same issue on all of our HD4MAX.

Please open a support ticket for further investigation: