Pepwave Max HD2 Uptime - Best Practice

Hello - how long should the units run before a reboot?

A HD2 can run for hundreds of days without a reboot and even then it would likely only need to restart if you choose to apply new firmware.

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Based upon your response, wondering about the HD2’s sensitivity to DC power… meaning when using the connection on the front to feed DC to the unit, what if the voltage drops or fluctuates? We feed our units directly from a secondary battery, which get charged both from the vehicle’s alternator and/or external charge connection. I have seen our units “look” fine - meaning green lights on status and cell, but report disconnected in InControl2. Has there been any study to how to best protect the HD2 against power drop and/or fluctuations?

Stable, quality DC power is very important on all the MAX range. Personally I never deploy a MAX in a vehicle without an external voltage regulator to clean up and smooth out what is normally a messy and variable onboard power source.

You can easily get in a situation where voltage is good (10-30V) but there isn’t enough current to power the cellular modules, so the mainboard starts but the cellular modules fail to boot.

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what sort of regulator, in terms of values do you suggest?

A 12v Buck Boost Voltage Regulator (12v since most vehicle systems run at 12V and so its more efficient than a 24v regulator), then get one rated to deliver a sustained load at the maximum current required as per the specs of the model of Pepwave MAX you are powering. (ie 2A for BR1 / Transit, 5A for HD4 etc). If you are regulating at more than 12V/2A you’ll want the regulator to come with a heatsink.

If running a MAX on a service battery (and especially if connected directly to engine start) you might also consider a low voltage cut off relay to maintain the health of your batteries and retain enough charge for engine start.

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