Pepwave Max HD2 second sim not connecting

I have a Pepwave Max HD2 (product: MAX-HD2-LTEA-WF) and have an active Verizon and AT&T SIM cards. When I put either SIM card into port 1(cellular 1) SIM card connects without issue. Using either SIM in port two(cellular 2) results in “resetting”.

Firmware is up to date. Config file is from another HD2 that’s currently working with both SIM cards. This is also the second HD2 because I thought the first one was bad.


@remery ,

Please open a support ticket for support to check. This is not a expected behavior.

Already did before I made this post. Peplink supports response time is horrible. Thought the community would be a bit faster. Going on 12 hours without a response.

@remery, I found your ticket and seems like the problem is resolved by your side. Mind to share what is happening?