Pepwave Max HD2 LTEA - Ethernet Ports flashing in unison

In our fight against COVID-19 we have run into an issue with one of our Pepwave Max HD2 LTEA units. It is flashing all the Ethernet Ports in unison. The unit is not showing up in Incontrol2 however it was working two days ago without issue.

I can not talk to it remotely as it does not appear, it is not providing network connectivity. What could be the issue? It is being powered by the 56V power supply to enable PoE (to my knowledge no PoE devices are plugged into it at this time.) It is only serving as a wireless hotspot.

Two cellular SIMS Sim 1-Verizon, Sim 2-AT&T FirstNet (black).

I was unsuccessful in finding any help on this issue in the forum. It will be tomorrow before I could access the device physically and would like to fix before then (preferably without having to put on a hazmat suit).

Do you have a video capture for the above ?

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Sorry for low quality sent via a text message.

You are right – that quality isn’t going to work very well. Can you get someone to send you the clip via e-mail/etc? And, what color is the “status” LED on the front of the unit – red, green or not illuminated?

See if this hyperlink will work: Quick Share

I have been working directly with FrontierUS now and we have determined it likely is a power issue. Here is my last reply to them for your enjoyment:

Dear Chief, a lot has happened since my last correspondence with you….

I tried using a 15V 3A power supply and had the same flashing of lights on the front. This got me to thinking that it could be an internal regulator failing. I thought perhaps using a rectifier wired up to the front terminal block may prove more useful in this situation. Immediately connecting a 13.8V DC power supply current limited to 5 Amps on the terminal block has proved successful.

Successful being the magic word here and magic being the magic smoke that makes all electronics work. Sadly, I let the magic smoke out.

I re-verified my wiring and ensured that the power supply was putting out the correct voltage of 13.8V DC and that my wiring was done correctly. It was done correctly and yet all magic smoke has been released.

I do believe this unit needs to have an RMA.


Please followup this with FrontierUS , if it’s hardware issue they sure will suggest the steps.

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