Pepwave MAX HD2 IP67


Dear all,

I am currently looking for some omnidirectional MiMo antennas.
I currently have 2 sim cards inserted in the MAX HD2 and I would like to fill all 4 antenna connections (2 main and 2 aux.
I am currently using Whip antennas and the performance is quite low. We are currently a yacht that moves around, very close to the coast and a lot of times in a river.
The antennas would need to be outdoor and the best on the market.
Also, what is the maximum power that the HD2 can give to the antennas?

Thank you all.


Hi @etoaviva6475, the nominal output power of the HD2 (MAX-HD2-LTE-US-T) cellular modules is 23 dBm (± 1 dB). Maximum antenna gain recommended by FCC, including cable loss, should not exceed 4.0 dBi.

Feel free to drop a sales request to us for any additional info if needed. Tks.


Hello @etoaviva6475,

Personally, we have very good experiences with Poynting antennas.
I will DM you with a datasheet of an omnidirectional Poynting antenna with great performance.


Hi @etoaviva6475,

like Joey already mentioned Poynting is a perfect fit with Peplink. I would suggest using the following marine antenna.

Poynting Omni-291 (4x needed with HD2)

Poynting Omni-402 (2x needed to cover HD2)