Dear All Brothers,

Please to have your help as we are having issues with the 2x WAN PORT of PEPWAVE MAX HD2 DUAL LTE after activating the License for the 20 Speedfusion support key. No any issues before that.

Issue is unstable health check. Wan becomes Up and Down.

How about some more details. What type of healthcheck is selected?

We tried all, ping, dns, domain, etc… both wan port have the same issues

Dear All,

It is possible to transfer the License key of the 20 Speedfusion of HD2 Max to another HD2 Max device?

what firmware are you on? is the ping, dns, domain, etc, all to the same network/server? have you tried tweaking the health check settings?

i think you need to try to figure out if the issue is with the peplink device or the server you are trying to healthcheck or some network in between.

Peplink has a support/ticket system, contact them and ask!

I am using the BR1 right now using the same setup and no any issues at all. Suspecting the HD2 have problem on both WAN port, though before activating the 20 speedfusion support key no any issues on the device.