Pepwave MAX HD2 bridge mode?

I have a Pepwave MAX HD2 mobile router that I want to currently use as a mobile modem only. Is it possible to enable a bridge mode?
If not, it is a simple to way to route everything to another router connected to a LAN interface?
Note: I have a VPN server behind the Pepwave.

You can use IP Forwarding

Or you could use port forwarding and outbound policies

Thank you for the quick answer.
I do not understand where is this “Routing mode” feature?

Its under the “Details” section of your dashboard
You then have to click on the ? beside the “Routing Mode” and the click on “here” in the information box that opens up.
You should then see the option of IP Forwarding beside the NAT option

Sorry but I do not have these settings for my cellular connections.
I have a MAX-HD2-LTE-E with firmware 6.0.3s4 build 2252.

You should upgrade to the latest firmware
Its worth it, you get a lot more features!

Click on the link below to download it
HD2 Firmware 6.3.0

I was looking for that information and thought I had the latest for my device.
In the meanwhile, I succeeded building my VPN connection using port forwarding. It works great, but I will check the new firmware now.
Thank you.