Pepwave MAX BR1 Mini - SLOW WIFI


I have a customer that purchased a failover router and is getting extremely slow wifi speeds, but ethernet pulls really fast, 89 down.

We attempted to upgrade the routers firmware (manually) - and it redirected me to the Incontrol2 Module. Its then showing offline because the warranty key is expired (however it was purchased in September through a 3rd party vendor, with a failover module attached). Is there a way to get a free product key to even check the firmware? Or download it to the device manually? I believe its H1-2 for 8.0.2 for the latest.

What should we do? Is there a possibility its signal related?

Note: The LTE is on standby, and the internet is not down. Works just fine through ethernet, and wifi is slow with every device that connects to it. They are also running a voip system with a desk phone, through a netgear ethernet switch.

Any help would be great!

Hi MIke - Welcome to the forum!
You can download the BR1 mini firmware from the Peplink downloads page (here is a link to the firmware itself), then login to the BR1 mini and do a manual firmware update to 8.0.2

Your customer should speak to the 3rd party vendor to get the sales registration date adjusted to give them a full 12months of IC2 subscription as this will make remote diagnosis of the issue much easier.

Sure, the wifi antenna could be loose, it could be physically installed in a rack or under a desk next to ‘noisy’ equipment (like AC/DC transformers or other wifi radios). You might need to change the wifi channel, correct its region settings etc.

Get them to check the wifi antenna is connected. Then get them to move it to a different location and test the speeds again.

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