Pepwave MAX BR1-LTE-US Rev-2

Pepwave MAX BR1-LTE-US Rev-2

I have to hand it to you all - the new MBR-1 rev2 is kicking some butt with regards to all aspects of operation.

I have been testing this unit for over 2 months now and for the most part the device has been transparently
working away in the background doing its job faithfully and robustly.

The difference in operation from the previous BR1 device (a LTE-Verizon model Revision-1) is truly remarkable.
Given the same location, device placement, signal parameters etc - Bandwidth downstream with the old device
was sometimes barely readable in the sub-kb/sec range. At the most, the old device’s downstream bandwidth
was a paltry 3-4Mb/s. Upstream about the same generally between 4 & 5 Mb/s. The REV-2 device now achieves
typically between 22-30 Mb/2 down and around 4-5 Mb/s up. A massively huge improvement in stability and

Nice job on this one guys!

This is because you are now connecting to their enhanced XLTE network on the AWS Band :up:

So I take it the REV1 units didn’t have that capability?


Correct, they were running on the standard 4G LTE network.