Pepwave MAX BR1 fallover

What controls the fall over function? I have 1 SIM card and a PepWave OTG connected to the WAN port. WAN is priority 1 and Verizon is priority 2 and wifi is #3. The OTG is connected to my phone’s hotspot. I would like to be able to turn off the phone’s hot spot and have the BR1 switch to the Verizon sim card, without powering off the OTG.

Just change the health check destination on the WAN port. As long as the SOTG is powered up it will always respond to the health check requests coming from the BR1.

Use Google’s DNS servers or change it to something else that is actually out on the internet. Thanks

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That did not appear to work. The SOTG kept searching for a signal and the BR1 never went to Verizon on priority 2. These are the Health Check setting for the WAN port on the BR1:
DNS Lookup
Host 1
Host 2
Unchecked “Use first 2 DNS servers as Health Check DNS Servers"
checked Include public DNS Servers
Timeout 5 seconds
Health Check Interval 30 min/ 1800 seconds
Health check Retries 3
Recovery Retries 3

thank you