PepWave Max-BR1-DACD limts to number of PPTP VPN

Using this unit as Primary Router/AP for our network. Recently have a few uses needing to have access to the office network from remote locations (home/other). This is working, but appears that only 3 PPTP VPN connections are supported (ie. cant get a 4th user connected to VPN). Is this a limit in this functionality or is there something that can increase this.? Would be good to know this so we can determine if this is an issue going formward. I could not find and documented references on if this is a Hard Limit.

If another Pepwave unit might be better suited (and with a bit more speed/processing etc). That would be something to consider. We also use this unit (and a BR1) for Router-to-router VPN connecting our 2 facilities.

As an added question, I saw a user connected via PPTP (viewed active connections), but could not see a way to kick/close a connection that was clearly not in use (0 activity over 10 mins +),

Thanks in advance.


BR1 supports 3 PPTP/L2TP clients only. If this is important and more clients are needed, you may need to consider Max HD2 which supports 15 PPTP/L2TP clients.


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