Pepwave Max 700

Good day…

I am so new to Peplink as you can believe it…

But I need some advice, please?
on my wan 1, I have a Mobile LTE connection, and on wan 2 is my Fiber connection.
On the Lan side, my Mikrotik 3011 is on lan1(all my clients connect to that one), and on Lan 4 is my laptop.
Question 1: I want to know if one can let all traffic on wan 1 and then all steaming, p2p, youtube, Netflix.ens… on wan 2?

Question 2: I want to access my network from anywhere in the world. I have an OpenVPN account aswell.

Thank you very much for your expert advice…

Please Help

Hi Zak,

Answer 1: It looks like the requirement is to route by application. Engineering is looking into this for future firmware, however the current firmware allows you to route by source, destination, or by protocol. A domain name can be used for routing by destination.

Answer 2: Open VPN is supported with 8.0.0 an up firmware and you can obtain the latest firmware here.

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