Pepwave limit - max-br1-mini-

I recently just purchased two pepwaves for two job sites without internet. I have inserted two brand new sim cards into both and for some reason, the device is not picking up the sim card. Even though on my cellular service website it sees the devices and has assigned them as being activated. Any thoughts on why the devices are not seeing the sims?

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What does it say on the dashboard when you login to the BR1 mIni?
Where in the world are you - which mobile network is it?

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Hello I am located in Cincinnati, Ohio USA

No Sim Card Detected,

Thanks for your response

That usually means the SIMs have been put in the wrong way. Sometimes its when the SIM itself is dead but that is rare.

When you push the SIM in the slot do you hear and feel a positive ‘click’?

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I have re-seated the sim and the dashboard says connecting LTE


what service are you using? I contacted AT&T and they keep telling me that the device is not supported. Verizon sim never connects - just tries to connect

I have it working thanks! I didn’t have it in the right way