Pepwave HD2 to FusionHub


Dear All,

I am currently trying to achieve SpeedFusion through my AWS server.
I just went through the AWS guide, deployed successfully FusionHub and I started configuring the SpeedFusion Profiles.

Just in case you are wondering why I am using only 1 Cellular: I currently have in use an HD4, but first I would like to get the HD2 as a test.

This is the AWS ports:

I have opened all ports for the, as the Cellular 1 WAN IP address of the Pepwave HD2 is on the same IP range.

This is the MAX HD2 profile. Serial number as the Remote ID and the FusionHub WAN IP address.

Here is the FusionHub profile.

I am pretty sure the Profiles are correct. The only thing I am worried about is that the IP range of both HD2 and FusionHub are the same. Could this be the Issue?

[public IP address removed by moderator]

FusionHub WAN IP:

Thank you all :slight_smile:



Part of the issue that you may be running into with setting up SpeedFusion is that it looks like you’re using a mix of public and private IP address. The to range is reserved as a private IP address range, this means that anything addressed to those IP addresses will not be routed over the internet. Or if you try to, you shouldn’t get a response. It looks like you’ve entered an allowed range in AWS as – this would only include IP addresses from to I would recommend changing the allowed IP addresses in AWS to

Since you have a public IP address on your HD2, while this isn’t required, you can use this IP address in the SpeedFusion profile on your FusionHub.

The IP address that you have entered in your SpeedFusion profile is a private IP address, meaning the tunnel won’t be able to form from the HD2 to the FusionHub. You should be able to get a public and private IP address when setting up a FusionHub on AWS. You’ll need the public IP address so that you can route traffic outside of your AWS bucket.

I hope that this information helps in getting your FusionHub up and running. I would also recommend reaching out to the Peplink Partner that you had purchased the HD2 and HD4 from to request assistance in getting this setup.


Dear Zach,

Thank you, that solved the problem.
However, setting the AWS to would have repercussions on security, correct?
I use FusionHub for streaming purposes mostly, but if I wanted to use it for business, I would require to install another instance with a firewall right?


You do not have to update the AWS allowed IP address to if you have a static IP address. FusionHub was created with the intent of it setting out on the internet. As long as you have a strong password you should be fine.