Pepwave for ATM

Pep waves in ATM machines, anything to look out for, concerns etc?

Info you’ve provided are too vague for us to comment on this. Perhaps you can try opening a ticket for this instead? As I assume some details are too sensitive to be shared here.

Hello Tom, @bws438
As Kevin meniton @Kv_Chen you post is a bit vague, though I’ll give you some considered thoughts:

  • If the ATM Enclosure is all metal, it will shield the RF Signal if you are using a Pepwave MAX, you will need to mount an external heavy duty antenna frequency suitable to the the device, consider antennas like the model found here at one of our partners (you may need to mind your own local supplier) SKU: MA750.B.ABICG.003, Taoglas Pantheon MA750 3G+4G+4GX & GPS & WiFi MIMO 5-in-1 Antenna - 700-6000MHz.
  • Ensure you change all of the default passwords on the router
  • Setup your PINs on the SIM Cards and enable them
  • Disable any unused LAN Ports
  • Surge protect the incoming power to the router
  • Battery backup the power to the router

Test, Test & Test again the security and configuration of your router before you deploy.

In Australia, we are required to carry a suitable Security Licence now to advise/integrate anything to do with security, as the router may be incorporated into the security of the ATM, ensure that you work within you local regulations.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: