PepWave Doubs and feature

I would like to clarify some dubts regarding PepLink products and features.

PepWave, when routing dynamic protocol will be supported i mena OSPF v2?

Which are the models of PepWave devices support WiMAX? Which standard is supported, 4G WiMAX and/or wireless broadband standard IEE 802.16?

How can i plug a VSAT antenna to the PepWave? Do i need a VSAT Hub?

Best regards,

Adelio Moreria

OSPF is supported on the Peplink Balance 380 and above routers.

For WiMAX support you would need to use a USB modem, or a modem with an Ethernet hand off.

The VSAT antenna would plug in to the VSAT modem and then Ethernet to our product.


This kind Pep products will not support OSPF ever? Is it in roadmap?

Best regards,

Adelio Moreira

For now, OSPF will only be supported on the Enterprise class of routers.