Pepwave device connector 300M Wen interface

Hi Support,

I have was on the web interface of the DCS-AGN at and I clicked on WIRED and the connection dropped out. Now I cannot get back onto the web interface. I have tried the default interface and Can you please advise on what happens when switching from WIFI to WIRED for WAN and how I can get access to the web interface again.

Many thanks

Hi Tim,

Thanks I have read the manual and tried everything in there, but the LAN address has been changed to yet I cannot reach the device at that address since I switched from WIFI to WIRED. what happens to the management IP address when switching from WIFI to WIRED?

Many thansk


Did you try typing https://(then IP gateway lan)
Also in windows go into CMD prompt and type ipconfig.
Now look at what your default gateway is. try typing that IP into you browser.
Hope this maybe is the sollution for you?

let me know if this fixes your issue otherwise i have to think up another sollution.
Also check if your client is on DHCP or static if it is on static be sure to fill in the correct network vallue’s

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Hi Wouter,

Thanks for the response. I have tried all of that… Setting a static IP of laptop adapter to various addresses and scanning the network to try to find the management IP address but no joy. DHCP only resolves a 169 address. I think I might need to factory reset, although according to manual this can only be done from the management interface! Appreciate any further advice.

Thank you

Look for the tiny little hole on the device to pin reset it to factory defaults.

how did the factory reset play out ? evrything fine now?

I cannot find any factory reset button on the circuit board

The image below shows where the reset button is (use a small pin to push it)

Was this of anny help to you ?

Hi. No, unfortunately that didn’t help. I believe the device pictured is a 4G router. Please tell us how to factory reset the Pepwave Wi-Fi Bridge?

Can you please provide the photo for the device that belongs to you ? Suspect you are referring to different product model.