Pepwave BR1 Mini and Inmarsat Fleet One

HI, we’ve been using a Pepwave Max BR1 Mini for cellular data successfully on our near-coastal research vessels but need to add in satellite data on one that will be operating in deeper waters, still near coast. We bought a Sailor Fleet One by Inmarsat and confirmed its functionality but have been unable to access it/add it to our data links in the web admin page through the BR1 mini, it will not show up and WAN ports are uneditable. Currently the fleet one unit is connected to the BR1 mini with an ethernet cable into is LAN/WAN port. How can I integrate satellite data into our br1 as a priority 2 data source behind cellular? Any help is appreciated, thanks

Check the network port settings on the br1, it sounds like you have both ports set to LAN.

Yes, they are both set as LAN connections, I don’t see any options to change port type. Is there a way to do that?

Under WAN settings in Network it shows only the cellular and no options for adding. Could this be a firmware or license issue? I’m on 8.0.0.

Its a license issue. The BR1 Mini does not come with Wifi WAN or Wired WAN enabled out of the box. You need the failover license (MAX-BR1-MINI-LC-FS) to enable those.

That worked, running smoothly now. Thank you

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