Pepwave BR1 ENT New SIM not registering

Whenever we insert e new SIM card into our MAX BR1 ENT routers, we have no connection. It keeps “obtaining ip address”. However, when we insert this SIM into a cellphone it registers. When we let any data flow through and try again on the router, it works. It’s like the SIM needs some sort of data throughput first before it can register on the router. I know this isn’t too big of a workaround but for our project we will be using tens or even hundreds of these routers and it’s a big work to put these new SIM cards in a cellphone first and test them out…

Anyone else with this problem or know what can cause this issue or how to resolve it?

Kind regards

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Sounds like part of a mobile network operator sim card activation process. I’ve had to activate SIMs in smartphones before they can be used in routers before, but not for a long time.

Where are you in the world? US perhaps?

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Hi Martin

We are located in Belgium

Maybe @Venn knows something about this?

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This is typically an issue on APN. Cellphones tend to more easily get the right APN.
Which provider do you use? Are these off the shelf regular sims or M2M?

You can message me in private to check the config.


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Hi Venn

In belgium we use the provider
We tried with another sim with provider called bics but it’s the same result. Both are regular sims.


Sorry, I re-read your messages, I missed the part where you actually can have them fully active only after cellphone.

We use M2M sims, they start in Ready state and putting them in a Pepwave kicks the initial connection without issue towards Active state.

For commercial cards, we used them long ago but didn’t experience this.

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I didn’t used the BR1 ENT before but we have several Transit and BR1 mini’s installed in which we have “standard” public SIMs without any problem. And this on Proximus as well as on Orange. We have them using the standard APN and also some on private APN.