Pepwave Balance20x slow - comparison with Max Transit Duo

We are rural as well as RV travelers, based on positive experience with the Max Transit Duo Cat 18 in RV I decided to ditch DSL and go cellular for the house. Installed the Balance 20x with Cat 18 module coupled with Parsec Akita antenna, but performance is very poor, max downloads is typically 15-18mbps (DSL speed) and we struggle to stay connected. Using factory settings and set up the AP with a Pepwave AP1. I moved the Max Transit Duo into the house and set it up as well, with no external antenna we get 50-70mbps down and reliable wifi. Both routers have same service plan with AT&T with no data restrictions.

Is there a recommended setup for the Balance 20 to recommend, perhaps I have a faulty router? Any suggestions?

WTF, this wasn’t solved as indicated. I actually figured out that the Parsec Akita antennas did not have enough wire protruding into model connections,. redid them and now getting 80-90mbps down

There is no such thing as Max Transit DUO CAT18… did you mean Max Transit CAT18 (non DUO). If so those should be “apples to apples”

If its actually a Max Transit DUO, is it the CAT12 version?

Can you share a screenshot of each device connected to ATT - the screen where the bands & signal numbers are displayed…

correct, max transit cat 18 - screen capture below. Balance left, MT right

Is the antenna with 1ft or 15ft cable? How do things perform if you hook the max transit to the Parsec antenna and use the paddle antennas with the 20x module?

@krewekitchen, random question about the antennas, did you test both devices with the “Parsec” antenna for speeds, is there a difference between the devices? If you attach the original antennas that came with the devices, do you get the same speeds you originally posted?

15-ish. Worse with paddles

yes, did compare - Balance never performs well regardless of antenna