Pepwave AP One AC Mini Client Dropouts


I have 3 Pepwave AP One AC Mini’s FW 3.5.2 on a network managed by a Balance One Core FW 6.3.0.

They’re all PoE on a brand new PoE Switch. From time to time, I hear that a laptop or a tablet will “lose the internet” but still show a strong connection to the wireless network. When I log in and look at the stats, I see what appear to be dropouts from one of the WAPs.

See screen capture here:

I’ve switched to another PoE port, rebooted the AP and Router. Also checked and verified all the cabling. What could be going on?



Please open a support ticket here for the team to investigate. Base on the screenshot, only 1 AP having the reported issue. Support team may need to collect more info from the device to identify the issue.

Thank You


Excellent! I’ve opened the ticket and look forward to hearing back.


Please update us with the outcome. I just purchased an AC Mini and would be interested to hear the resolution. Can’t say that I’ve had a problem yet though.



So far no issue found for the AP. We will put the device under monitoring.

Thank You


It might make sense to swap two of the APs. That is, move the problematic AP to the location of a good one and put a good one in the location of the problematic AP. This way, you can tell if the problems follow the AP or if there is local interference in one location.