Pepwave AP One 300m and Pepwave Max BR1

So I’m new to using Pepwave’s, and sort of “inherited” this setup. I am trying to figure out how to connect the Pepwave AP One 300m Access Point to a Pepwave Max BR1 router. I have been through all the config options, and can’t see where to set up the AP to connect to the wireless network. I have no clue with the InControl user/pass info would happen to be either. The router works fine, but the AP stopped connecting to the network a few days ago, and I wasn’t able to get it back up and connected.

Now I can see the wireless AP SSID and the signal is excellent, but it doesn’t actually connect to the internet (which I expected, since I didn’t enter in the Wireless SSID and encryption key from the router). Can someone please assist as I’m tearing my hair out over here.

If you need any further info, please let me know.



  1. Please ensure the physical connectivity between AP and BR1. They are connection as below?
    AP --wired–> Switch –> (LAN) BR1 (WAN) —> Internet

  2. Since BR1 do has integrated wireless AP, please ensure the SSID detected is belong to BR1 or AP One 300M.

  • Check BR1 SSID via AP > Wireless SSID
  • Check AP One 300M SSID via AP > Wireless SSID
  1. After you get confirmation from step 2, you may decide whether to disable integrated AP in BR1.

  2. Please ensure AP One 300M has proper connection to BR1.

By going through all steps above, I believe you shouldn’t have problem to access internet by associate to AP One 300M.