Pepwave ANT-103-LTE 2-G

Trying to determine if I received the wrong product…

Ordered a Pepwave ANT-103-LTE 2-G
Received an A-PUCK-0004-V1-01 from you or your distributor.

No shipping invoice inside the box, or signs of the word Peplink or Pepwave anywhere on the product or in the manual.

Are you reselling Poynting’s Puck antenna as the Pepwave ANT-103-LTE 2-G,
or did I receive the wrong product?

@mrmiddleton, the item you received is ANT-103-LTE2-G. You should able to see the product description if you have the Peplink online store login.

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Thank you for the follow up. I’ll try using this Puck with 3 cables.
We had to ship back the first shipment (the Puck had 4 cables instead of 3).

The Poynting manual included both in the first mis-ship, and this second reship - actually displays 5 cables on its cover, and doesn’t match either of the Pucks that were shipped to me!

Also, shouldn’t you have a Peplink sticker on the box, or an invoice in the box - to indicate that what you are shipping is actually the ANT-103-LTE2-G?

@mrmiddleton, thank you for highlighting this to us, it is much appreciated. I will relay your feedback to the relevant teams for process improvement.

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