Pepwav One not detected by Peplink Balance 580

I have been trying to set up Pepwave One for past few days on Peplink Balance 580. The license for WLAN Controller has been activated and the Pepwave One IP address was also changed to match the Peplink Balance network (192.168.11.x)

AP Management was enabled for any APs but it doesn’t get detected in the Dashboard. What could be the issue? Tried even disabling firewall temporarily to isolate the issue without luck.

First thing I am going to do is to make sure AP One is running on firmware 3.0.6 or above, then I will connect the AP One directly to Balance LAN with an Ethernet cable to see if it is detected.

If it is then everything is working as it should. If it is not, then we will need to take a closer look at it. And I will ask you to please submit a support request at

AP One is running on firmware 3.1.2 and Peplink Balance on 5.3.12 Build 1859. Connected AP One directly to Peplink LAN … but I have no way of finding out whether it’s detected because I cannot access from any LAN client (only 1 LAN port).

Issue is it’s not getting detected in Peplink dashboard. Clients can get broadcast signal from AP One and access the internt as well … only admin cannot manage AP Ones centrally from the WLAN Controller dashboard. Network diagram is included for details.

Got you. I mean I was thinking to access Peplink admin page from WAN or having a Layer 2 switch in between AP One and Balance LAN so we can access Peplink admin page on LAN.

I believe we do need to take a closer look. Please download a diagnostic report ( from Peplink and send to us at