PepVPN with SpeedFusion Low Aggregated Bandwidth


We are using an Max HD4 IP67 LTE-A unit, connecting to a pair of Balance 380 units at base, via an encrypted PepVPN SpeedFusion profile. Our use case is to stream video into the vehicle on which the Max HD4 is installed. All 4 modems are populated with 4G SIMs from the 4 main UK cell providers - EE, Voda, Three and O2.

With all 4 modems set to Priority 2 (WAN 1 is Priority 1 but typically won’t be plugged in), we struggle to get stable video coming in, if throughput is adding up to anything above 5-10Mbps. The video freezes, pixelates or breaks up (bearing in mind all streams coming into the truck are resilient, running either SRT or ARQ).

If I move 3 of the 4 cellular modems to Priority 3 and leave 1 modem at Priority 2, so it is in effect acting as the main, single path, I can comfortably pull down 3x the throughput and have solid, stable streams.

I’m assuming this lower/less stable throughput is a result of how the HD4/Balance combo aggregates the 4 cellular connections. My question is this - is this expected behaviour? Should I be experiencing less throughput from a combination of 4 modems, than from 1? Do I need to trade throughput for resilience, or can I change the configuration of the PepVPN with SpeedFusion profile so that it is better suited for my purposes, namely pulling in a (relatively) low number of (relatively) high bandwidth video transport streams (around 5Mbps on average)? We use a lot of bonded cellular products like LiveU and typically, I’d expect the sum of 4 bonded connections to be greater than any individual connection, not less than.

I’m hoping that other people are also trying to stream video across their Pepwave units and that the profile can be tweaked to improve the aggregation/bonding of the 4 cellular connections for this purpose…