PEPVPN unable to ping and connect

Hi Everyone,

Good morning I’m currently having issues between our devices PEPVPN connectivity.

I have 3 balance devices on different sites

  1. Balance 580 Hardware Rev 3 FW 7.1.1 build 2460 (192.168.200.x) SITE A
  2. Balance 380 Hardware Rev 6 FW 7.1.1 build 2460 (192.168.240.x) SITE B
  3. Balance 380 Hardware Rev 6 FW 7.1.1 build 2460 (192.168.220.x) SITE C

The VPN connectivity has been setup for quite some time now so, and nothing has been changed, however both site b and site c can only ping the local ip the Balance 580 of site a but not the rest of the network, overall network connectivity between site B and C is good

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It sounds like the devices at Site A don’t know how to route back to SITE B and C anymore. This normally happens when the balance at Site A is not the default gateway for the devices there, and someone replaces the default gateway router and forgets to re add the static routes for SITE B and C via the LAN IP of SITE A balance.

Of you look at a device on SIte A that the other sites can’t ping is its default gateway the Balance router there or something else?

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