PepVPN - traffic between networks on Balance 380 and Balance 20

I could really use some help here. I have two LANS running two offices, both with Peplink routers. One is a Balance 380 and one is a Balance 20. I have successfully established a PepVPN link between the two networks, at least according to the devices themselves. However, when I try to contact a computer on one LAN from a computer on the other LAN, nothing works. One network is, while the other is So, for instance, if I ping from a computer at, nothing works. What am I doing wrong here? I have a feeling it’s simple but I am no networking expert so I can’t quite figure it out. Do I need a static route or something? If so, what should I set it to? I would really appreciate any advice!

Hello rshibley,

I would check to see if there are any firewall rules that would be blocking the request. Are there inside firewalls behind the balances or are the balances being used as the firewall as well? To discuss more detailed information and for us to access the units please enable remote assistance on each device and open a support ticket and one of our technical team members will be able to assist you.

To enable RA: