PepVPN stuck Updating Routes

I have a situation where I want to configure a Pepwave MAX in a remote office to have a PepVPN tunnel to each of 2 Pepwave MAXes in HQ. In HQ each Pepwave has its own separate WAN connection and a LAN IP in different subnets. All are running version 8.0.0. The remote Pepwave establishes PepVPN with HQ-Pep-1 and traffic runs over it fine. But PepVPN with HQ-Pep-2 just shows “Updating Routes” and never establishes. HQ-Pep-1 has LAN IP and HQ-Pep-2 has LAN IP Both of these LAN interfaces are in OSPF area 3. The remote Pepwave has LAN IP and it is also in OSPF area 3 as well as PepVPN interface. I have set cost to 1 for PepVPN between HQ-Pep-1 and remote (on both sides) and cost to 2 for PepVPN between HQ-Pep-2 and remote (on both sides). How to get this working?? Thanks.

May i know what you need to achieve ? Any specific reason why you need to define the cost ?

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Hi, I want redundancy/failover. If connection to HQ over 1st PepVPN goes down, then all traffic should automatically go over 2nd PepVPN. That is why I defined costs. But main problem is 2nd PepVPN is never established.


Found that you have opened a ticket for this. Support team will get back to you via support ticket.

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